How to manage your leads with Jumplead's Lead Management CRM

Segment leads for email marketing, use lead scoring to highlight active and engaged leads and nurture your contacts through lifecycle stages with targeted content and offers.

How to manage your leads with Jumplead's Lead Management CRM. Import or capture new leads with Jumplead conversion flows, landing pages or live chat conversations then track and manage activity across your website, email marketing and forms and landing pages.

Jumplead is all in one marketing and lead generation software that allows you to manage leads throughout your sales funnel.

Segment leads for email marketing, use lead scoring to highlight active and engaged leads and nurture your contacts through lifecycle stages with targeted content and offers.

Contacts are managed within Jumplead in the Contacts section. You can think of this as your marketing CRM, where each contact has their own profile page for their details and activity.

One of the key features of Jumplead is it’s ability to track and respond to your contact’s individual activity. This allows you to create marketing campaigns that are in tune with interests and actions on a one to one basis, personalising your messages and communication.

If we take a look at a typical contact’s profile page we’ll see all of the information we have collected through forms, activity and manually. There is some top line information including contact details, first seen and last seen, referral sources and referring campaigns (when available), their lifecycle stage and local time.

You can also easily see their location, social profiles, lead score and any tags associated with the contact. On the left have side of the page you’ll find the contacts activity history including website, and email interactions.

There are also further tabs where you can add notes, create tasks that relate to this contact, perhaps to follow up in the future, any chat conversations you have had on your website are also saved here, along with email autoresponder campaigns they are subscribed to and the privacy consents they have given you for marketing communications.

On the right hand side of the page are editable contact properties including any custom contact fields you have included to customise Jumplead for your needs. You can import existing contacts as a CSV spreadsheet file, and new contacts are added automatically when you use Jumplead conversion flows and landing pages on your website.

The overall marketing goal that Jumplead is designed to help you achieve is to nurture your contacts into customers for your business. And there are some key features that Jumplead provides to help you turn your contacts into customers.

Because Jumplead is so tightly integrated between the onboard CRM and the forms and landing pages, we are able to give you the option of using progressive profiling to automatically use only unknown contact fields in your forms, skipping over info that we already know about that contact.

This prevents duplicating questions across different forms, even when profiling your contacts over a period of time.

Next we have lead scoring, where activity such as clicking through from an email, opening an email, visiting your website, submitting a form or a landing page can adjust the score of each lead to allow the most active and engaged leads to float up and grab your attention.

As well as being able to adjust the scores of these activities you can also (for complete flexibility) add your own custom criteria in, give it it’s own unique score, and trigger it with an automation from anywhere in Jumplead.

So, for example you might have an automation triggered by a visit to your pricing page that boosts a score by an extra 10 points.

When nurturing contacts it can be very helpful to map out your marketing activity into a sales funnel structure, using content and offers to educate and encourage contacts to move to higher levels of qualification over time.

For this you can use Jumplead’s Stages feature. Each contact can be added to a stage either manually or by their activity when they trigger a marketing automation.

So, when someone signs up for your email newsletter might move them to the ‘Subscriber’ stage, then when they download an ebook you might move them into the ‘lead’ stage, and then on to sales qualified if they perform some other activity.

By using stages to segment your contacts and send appropriate offers and materials for their level of qualification. You can constantly be moving your contacts through your marketing to sales funnel.

Segmentation is one of the key activities when working with your Contacts database, and you can easily filter down your required set of contacts using the options in the right hand column of the main contacts page.

Then once you have the exact set of contacts you need, simply give your segment list a name and save it. It’s worth knowing that Jumplead segments are dynamic so whenever you use this list, you’ll get the contacts that meet your criteria at that exact point in time, and your segments never go out of date.

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