How to build a landing page and trigger a marketing automation

Adding a landing page and triggering a marketing automation with Jumplead.

Marketing automation allows you to both personalise and scale your marketing activity. Convert your website visitors to leads and nurture them into customers, Jumplead combines marketing automation, email marketing, visitor identification, live chat, landing pages and more.

In this video we walk through each of the major sections of functionality to give you a clear idea of how the system works and how the functionality fits together into a lead generation process that converts website visitors into leads and then nurtures them into customers.

Many Marketing Automation Platforms (MAPs) such as Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot etc. cost thousands of dollars per month and are difficult and confusing to use. Jumplead is designed to provide all of the key functionality of these large systems at a fraction of the cost and complexity.

When you realise that 98% of the visitors to your website just aren’t ready to buy, it’s easy to understand the importance of creating a process that converts visitors into leads and then nurtures them into customers over time.

Because without this process in place you never get the opportunity to communicate with, educate and build preference amongst your potential customers.

So how does Jumplead work?

Well we break down the process like this:

First we Generate leads. By creating landing pages for your marketing offers and adding embedded forms and pop up overlays to your website you can generate new leads for your business, these are automatically saved into the Jumplead CRM database where you can manage them.

Then we Nurture our leads. Jumplead includes email marketing and drip campaign nurture sequences to allow you to create and send campaigns designed to keep your leads warm and educate them over time. Building familiarity and brand preference.

Marketing automations can also be triggered by your leads as they return and interact with your marketing. These are used to trigger autoresponder sequences, score contacts to highlight sales ready behaviour, as well as to send sales team notifications and moving them through sales funnel stages.

We can also Manage our leads. With an onboard CRM system which automatically captures the information supplied by your contacts through the Jumplead forms you use. Thus Qualifying your leads for sales over time.

And finally with Jumplead we can Connect with leads. Live chat and messaging completes the picture, allowing you to answer your leads questions directly, helping them to become customers.

So it helps to think of Jumplead as an all-in-one marketing system. With the benefit that each of these important marketing tools, from email marketing to landing pages, overlays and even a CRM are all designed to work together seamlessly.

Helping you nurture your leads into customers without the complexity and bother of trying to integrate a range of tools to work together.

So let’s take a look around Jumplead and we can see how it fits together.

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