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Jumplead Overview

With email marketing, landing pages, live chat, a CRM and marketing automation. Jumplead combines everything you need to convert visitors into leads, respond to them in real time and to nurture them into customers.

Jumplead Demonstration

In this video we walk through each of the major sections of functionality to give you a clear idea of how the system works and how the functionality fits together into a lead generation process that converts website visitors into leads and then nurtures them into customers.

Landing page builder demonstration

A six minute walkthrough of creating landing pages with Jumplead. Including multi step landing pages, using overlays and using the drag and drop editor.

Lead Management demonstration

A six minute walkthrough of managing leads with Jumplead. Segment leads for email marketing, use lead scoring to highlight active and engaged leads and nurture your contacts through lifecycle stages.

How to Identify Track and Engage website visitors

In this video we take a look at how to use website visitor activity streams to keep our finger on the pulse of who is visiting our website, understanding what they are looking for and responding to their activity.

How to set up DKIM / SPF email verification

Today we are going to set up DKIM and SPF records to verify Jumplead as an email sender for your domain.

How to add a conversion form and trigger a marketing automation on your website

Today we're going to create and add a basic conversion form to our website. Conversion forms are incredibly important for turning website visitors into leads.

How to create and import contacts into Jumplead

Today we're going to import some contacts to work with, and I'll show you how to do that. As well as add myself a quick task to call a contact back.

How to add marketing automation to WordPress

Today we are going to install the Jumplead tracking code into a WordPress website using the Jumplead plugin. We should be up and running in about 3 minutes.

How to set up Live Chat on your website

Today we're going to walk through setting up live chat on your website with Jumplead. When you first add the Jumplead code Live Chat is enabled on your website, with some default colours and information to get you going.

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Combine lead forms and pages, email marketing automation and live chat to jumpstart your marketing and sales.

Jumplead Manager

Create and manage multiple Jumplead accounts, control billing and users, add and remove customer accounts as you go.

Jumplead Developer

Access Jumplead via our API to integrate Jumplead's marketing capability with your existing systems, or build new apps.