Research Statistics

A collection of research resources covering marketing automation, email marketing, lead generation and other marketing disciplines.

Marketing Automation Statistics

Most businesses use email marketing, and many use landing pages and store information about their leads in a CRM system. Marketing automation is the process of combining a range of tools into an 'all in one' solution that automates lead conversion and nurturing over time. Increasing sales revenue (53%), lead nurturing (43%) and customer engagement (37%) are seen as the most important objectives of a marketing automation strategy. Find out more about how and why businesses are using marketing automation, and with what success.

Lead Generation Statistics

Lead generation is the process of converting and to some extent nurturing business leads. It can be as basic as converting visitors into leads via a landing page, however nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities and businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured prospects. Find out more about how businesses are generating leads, what's working and what's not.

Sales Statistics

Leads that are generated are passed to sales to close, when leads are passed to sales they are generally at a certain level of 'qualification' which is achieved through email nurture and exposure to content (Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus other leads). Find out more about how sales teams are converting leads, what's working and what isn't.

Content Marketing Statistics

In the age of the internet, buyers engage in their own research. Content marketing is the strategic use of content to engage with and nurture new business leads. A process found to generate three times as many prospects as outbound marketing, while costing 62% less. See how businesses are using content marketing, their level of success and opinions.

Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing is the workhorse of modern marketing with 42% of organisations citing email as one of their most effective lead generation channels. Email marketing campaigns are generally either large scale broadcasts or autoresponder campaigns triggered by a lead's activity or their stage in a buying process. Learn more about how businesses are using email marketing, what's working and what isn't.

Social Media Statistics

Social media is the killer application for the internet, 30% of all time online is allocated to social media interction. The challenge for businesses is to use social media to find and nurture leads. Find out why and how businesses are using social media.

Search Engine Optimisation Statistics

Search is how your buyers find the products they need with 93% of B2B buying processes begin with an online search. SEO is about getting found by your potential customers. Find out more about how businesses are using search engine optimisation.

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