Lead Generation Ideas

How to identify website visitors

Even before they have converted on a form or landing page many website visitors can be identified to the level of their organisation by analysing their IP address, providing valuable sales enablement intelligence.

How to get leads from your website

When a visitor to your website gives you their name and email address they become a lead for your business. Unfortunately people don't give you their contact details for nothing, there has to be some sort of value exchange such as a content download or access to a webinar.

How to generate leads from blogging

Writing on your company blog can help rank your content in search and fuel your social channels, but most importantly, blogging can produce leads for your business. When B2B marketers include blogging as part of their approach to content marketing they get 67% more leads than those that don’t.

How to get leads from Twitter

Jumplead allows you identify the Twitter conversations that are important to you, whether people are talking about your company, your products or looking for advice in your marketplace.

How to use live chat for lead generation

Live chat has the benefit of being immediate and easy to use, it's a mechanism that encourages people to interact (even when they might not be bothered to search out your contact form) driving an increased volume of leads.



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