How to implement a broadcast email marketing campaign

Once a visitor has converted by completing a Conversion Form we need to nurture them, chances are they aren’t necessarily sales-ready, so having a considered process to help keep them engaged and informed is a great idea.

Part of that process should involve sending considered and targeted emails to segments of your Contacts.

There are lots of ways you can use ad-hoc campaigns, for example: some of your Contacts might have downloaded a particular ebook and you’d like to see if they are interested in a follow up offer.

It’s really useful to have a range of Tags that you can apply to your Contacts when they engage in activity on your website. As they can be used to create unique segments that you can message in very specific ways.

Here’s how to set up a Broadcast for a Contact List you’ve already created.

A broadcast campaign group can contain one or more individual email designs. For example ‘Newsletters’ is a good candidate for a campaign group, and the individual emails within this campaign might be January, February, etc.

When you create a new campaign group you’ll need to add your company name and address, this allows you to create campaigns for regional business offices.

Once you have a campaign group you can add individual email designs to it and send them.

Step 1. Create Broadcast Campaign

Click on the ‘Create email’ button to get started.

From the dropdown menu choose the campaign group you would like to add your email to.

You will then be taken to a multi step wizard to help you get your campaign set up.

Step 1. Template

You can select a Jumplead design to work from and edit, start with one of your previously saved emails or you can start with a blank email and upload HTML and work with that.

We recommend using the Jumplead templates as these are responsive and designed to work well on mobile devices.

Step 2. Campaign Details

Add the name of your email, this is for your use only. Add a subject for your email (including any required merge tags) and select a ‘From Address’ from your list of verified email addresses (these are added in the campaign section settings).

Step 3. Design your email

Once you’ve chosen your template you’ll be taken to the Email Builder, where you can refine your email with your own content. Use the Merge Tags to include dynamic content in your emails to personalise them.

Clicking into the design areas of your email opens up an editor sidebar from which you can edit your email’s content.

You can also send yourself a preview email to check your design in your inbox, previews are for design only and the ‘preview in browser’ and ‘unsubscribe’ links are disabled.

Step 4. Add automation

If you would like to add an automation based upon an email open add it now.

Step 5. Recipients and Schedule

Choose the contact segment you would like to send your email to and if you would like to send it in the future add a date and time.

Step 6. Confirm

Click the next button to see a final confirmation of the details for your email broadcast. Go back and change anything you need to.

When you are happy click send.


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