Getting Started with Jumplead

Jumplead is online sales and marketing software that integrates with your existing website and allows you to create a sales and marketing process that converts website visitors into customers.

By combining website analytics, email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) into one system Jumplead helps you to identify leads, convert them into contacts and nurture them into customers.

Perhaps more importantly we need to look at this process from the point of view of our customers, rethinking our marketing activity so as to create steps of deepening engagement that will bring our customers to us.

The process used by Jumplead (known as marketing automation) is commonly used by large enterprises and was originally described in detail by Seth Godin in his book Permission Marketing, when he advocated “Turning Strangers into Friends, and Friends into Customers”.

In this guide we’ll explore how to use the individual techniques available in Jumplead and how to bring them together into a larger scale process for sales and marketing success.

The Basics

Almost everyone involved with sales and marketing is familiar with website traffic analytics, email marketing and customer relationship management software. However the traditional view of these tools representing separate disciplines is beginning to change as more and more people find success in using a new breed of marketing automation software that combines these activities into a single marketing to sales process.

With a strong focus upon creating a considered and consistent approach to converting and nurturing leads, whilst also providing timely intelligence to sales teams; this isn’t something you should see as new and different, but rather a better way of doing what you do already.

So if you are familiar with website analytics, email marketing, landing page builders and CRM systems, you’ll recognise parts of Jumplead; but don’t panic if you don’t have extensive marketing software experience, I’ll guide you through each component so you’ll soon see how they fit together.

As we step through using each piece of functionality we’ll also keep in mind how these should be used together, because the real benefit of using a system like Jumplead is in creating a larger nurturing process that personalises your interaction with each lead, keeping them engaged and your sales team informed of their activity.

To get started with Jumplead you’ll need to create your account and install the tracking code into your website. If you are using WordPress there’s a plugin you can install to easily add the code to your pages as well as integrate Jumplead with popular web forms.

With your tracking code in place Jumplead will begin to analyse your visitors and their activity, as well as identifying visiting organisations based upon their IP address the code also tracks converting visitors, helps the conversion form code snippets to dynamically render forms and also acts as a transport for the live chat feature.

Try a basic newsletter subscription

If you have a basic email newsletter subscription form this a good place to start and try out creating a conversion form and adding it to your website. You might also want to add an automation for when the form is completed, changing your new lead’s stage to ‘subscriber’, sending a ‘Thank you’ auto responder and perhaps even sending yourself a notification for when the form is completed.

While you’re here and we’re thinking about your newsletter subscription, why not have a think about ways you might drive up the conversion rate for your form. How? Well, emphasising the value of the information and offers will go a long way. Think: “Get our proven tips for boosting your..” rather than “Newsletter”.

Whatever your form’s purpose or wording, when a visitor converts they will be added as a contact and recognised when they return, their activity is recorded along with the emails they receive and whether they click through to your website. This gives you a complete picture of your contact, their interests and their level of engagement (this is tracked as a lead score).

This is a great example of how analytics in Jumplead is built around your contacts and their activity rather than simply providing anonymous statistical information.

Bring your existing contacts onboard

If you have existing contacts you wish to work with, you can import them and send email broadcast campaigns, all emails sent from Jumplead are designed to work with the tracking code and contacts clicking through to your website will become tracked (even if they haven’t completed a web form) offering you a view of their activity beyond the opens and clicks provided by most email marketing systems.

When importing contacts it’s worth noting that Jumplead needs a name for your contact in order to import, this is because the system builds up a CRM style profile page and allows you to search and navigate your contacts using their names.

As you begin sending campaigns and visitors convert on your forms you’ll see the day by day activity of your leads as they come back to your website and carry on their research. Setting up notification emails for your sales team for when leads are highly engaged is a great way to know when to drop onto a conversation, aligning outreach activity with peaks in engagement from your leads.


Combine lead forms and pages, email marketing automation and live chat to jumpstart your marketing and sales.

Jumplead Manager

Create and manage multiple Jumplead accounts, control billing and users, add and remove customer accounts as you go.

Jumplead Developer

Access Jumplead via our API to integrate Jumplead's marketing capability with your existing systems, or build new apps.