Email Marketing Ideas

How to implement a broadcast email marketing campaign

Once a visitor has converted by completing a conversion form (or landing page) we need to nurture them as the chances are they aren’t necessarily sales-ready. So having a considered process to help keep them engaged and informed is a great idea.

How to use an autoresponder email marketing campaign

Email autoresponders are multi-step email campaigns that are used to deliver a sequence of emails over time. We use them to deliver educational resources for people that sign up on our website as well as highlighting product benefits.

How to personalise emails with merge tags

Jumplead has a range of merge tags available for including in the body and the subject line of your emails. When working within the Jumplead email builder these are available from a dropdown menu, but they can also be added manually to subject lines or the source code of an email you are coding by hand.

How to manage email campaign performance and tracking

Track the unique activity of each contact that clicks through from your campaign to your website helping you to understand and respond to your contact’s individual needs.



Combine lead forms and pages, email marketing automation and live chat to jumpstart your marketing and sales.

Jumplead Manager

Create and manage multiple Jumplead accounts, control billing and users, add and remove customer accounts as you go.

Jumplead Developer

Access Jumplead via our API to integrate Jumplead's marketing capability with your existing systems, or build new apps.