Increase website traffic to Generate Leads

In an online lead generation process your website is the focal point of your activity.

Without website visitors you have nobody to convert into leads. So we need to start attracting website visitors.

But not just anyone!

We need to attract the right people. People that will buy from us. People with a need for what we have to offer.

We do this by understanding what content our customers are searching for. And getting found by them as they do their research.

A great place to start is with Google's keywords planner tool.

Understanding your buyer's search keywords

When you understand the searches your buyers are doing in Google, you can use this info to plan your content.

This research will help you to map out the content you need to get found by your buyers.

It's worth noting that people do different types of search as they narrow down their choices.

Somebody starting out looking for online lead generation software might search 'lead generation'. To understand more about what lead generation is all about.

Then as they narrow down what they want, they might search 'online lead generation software for small business'.

The more specific the search term. The higher the purchase intent.

Keyword Commercial Intent

It's also important to understand the distinction between 'informational' and 'commercial' search phrases.

Commercial keywords are the ones that are used when your prospects intend to buy.

In the above example, someone looking for 'free traffic' isn't looking to purchase.

But 'get traffic', 'drive traffic to website', 'increase traffic to website' etc. have purchase intent.

Another great place to find the searches your prospects are doing is Google's related search options. At the bottom of your search results page.

Target search terms with Blog articles

Writing articles for your blog that answer the search questions your prospects have is a smart way to attract buyers.

It's a key content marketing technique. And a process that will help you to position yourself as an authority in your field.

The good content that you build up will also provide ammunition for your social media activity.

Drive conversion

As you begin to build up more qualified web traffic for your topics, think about how you can convert these visitors into leads.

If you don't catch them while they are on your website with a great offer, they'll leave. And 98% of your visitors will never return.

It's only by trading up visitors with a great marketing offer that you can start to develop your relationship with them.

And nurture them into customers.

Lead Generation Resources

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Lead Generation Statistics

Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities and businesses who nurture leads make 50% more sales at a cost 33% less than non-nurtured prospects. Find out more about how businesses are generating leads, what's working and what's not.

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