Landing Pages Guide

Landing pages and conversion forms are the point at which you turn your website visitor into a lead.

They give you the ability to capture information about the specific needs of a buyer. To create a new contact in your CRM database. And to begin to nurture them into customers.

Landing pages are great opportunities to use Automations to personalise your marketing.

For example: A landing page completion can start a multi step email nurture campaign. Change the contact's sales funnel stage and notify a sales person.

You can also ask returning contacts custom messages with progressive profiling. Ensuring you are always further qualifying your contact.

Landing pages and conversion forms make great sense in your lead generation process. But how should you use them?

Think about the customer journey

A landing page completion is a milestone in a journey you create for your buyers.

Identify your distinct buyer types by creating buyer personas. Then use this profile to understand their information needs throughout the buying process.

Then create high value content targeted to their needs.

This content will then drive landing page conversions. It will also identify their buying stage. Plus the form questions they answer will help you to qualify them.

Conversion rate optimisation

Experiment with changes to the messaging and images on your landing pages. A boost in conversion rate will have a significant impact on your success.

Drive traffic to your landing pages

You can drive traffic to your landing page from anywhere. Your blog, Adwords, Email campaigns.

Create all the variations you need to make each landing page exactly right for each campaign. And remember to match your title wording and any keywords you use with paid campaigns.

Manage your contacts

Jumplead captures, tracks and scores all contact activity in their unique profile. Including all landing page completions, website activity and email activity.

This gives you and your sales team a great insight into where each contact is in your sales funnel process. You can then create email broadcasts targeted at contacts that have reached a specific sales stage.

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