Track Leads and Identify Prospects.

Identify and chat with your visitors, create sales alerts and trigger automations.

Visitor identification

'Who and Why' Analytics.

Identify visiting prospects along with the pages they view and their search terms. Make activity actionable with live chat, alerts and automation triggers.

Connect with live chat.

Right place, right time.

Connect with visitors browsing your products and services and use pro-active chat to choose who you want to chat with.

Combined with visitor identification you can begin every chat knowing who you are talking to and what they are looking for. All before you say "Hi!".

Live Chat

Lead identification

Track engagement activity.

Deep insight for every contact.

Engagement is important, we track how your contact has interacted with you from website visits, chat sessions, form completions and email marketing campaigns, keeping a lead score so that you can see who's active, and why.

Filter and react to prospects.

Trigger sales team notifications.

Prospect streams allow you to filter based upon location, visit quality or even organisation, then get sales alerts or trigger automations.


Marketing Automation

Add Automations.

Trigger campaigns with Automations.

Use Streams to trigger marketing automations for your contacts, why not get a notification when a returning lead visits your pricing page; or send a personalised help email when a lead views over 10 pages.

Quality Score Ranking

Quality score.

We assign a quality score to each visit allowing notifications to be triggered, even if a lead hasn't converted on a landing page.

Search terms

Search terms.

We capture the search terms for visitors whenever they are available, giving you a unique insight into your visitor’s requirements.

Page views

Pages viewed.

Pages viewed are kept as part of your contact’s activity, giving you an understanding of how your contact navigated your website.

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