Email marketing automation

Nurture your leads with personalised email based upon their individual behaviour and interests.

All-in-one marketing software

Nurture and qualify your leads with email marketing automation

Email that’s integrated with website analytics and contact management. Designed to allow powerful personalisation and targeting.

Email Builder

Get started fast with our professional responsive templates.

Or import your own.

See what happens after clickthrough.

When a contact clicks through from your email campaign, see which pages they visit and when they return to your website.

Create multi-step schedules.

Deliver multi-step autoresponder 'drip' campaigns over time to nurture and re-engage your leads. Trigger your campaigns with automations to respond to your contact’s behaviour such as completing a conversion form or visiting a certain web page.

Campaign reporting deliveries, opens bounces and clicks.

See the stats for each email sent to identify which messages are driving engagement. See which campaigns each contact has received and how they responded..

Use contact properties to define smart lists.

Easily create one-off emails to send to your contact lists; use tags with your contacts to create smart lists that match your own unique segmentation criteria. Slice and dice your contact database however you like.

Demonstration video.

Watch our 4 minute demonstration walkthrough of Jumplead and get a better idea of what the system has to offer and how the component parts work together to help turn your website visitors into customers.

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Combine live chat, conversion forms, email marketing and automation to jumpstart your marketing and sales.

Jumplead Manager

Create and manage multiple Jumplead accounts, control billing and users, add and remove customer accounts as you go.

Jumplead Developer

Access Jumplead via our API to integrate Jumplead's marketing capability with your existing systems, or build new apps.