Manage and Score your Contacts.

Insights based upon real-time activity.


Real-time contact activity.

Contacts are created when a lead converts on a landing page. Activity such as web visits, chat sessions and form completions are then assigned to them automatically.

Social Streams.

See your lead’s social stream.

Easily match your contacts to their social media profiles in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. See up-to-date social stream activity within their contact detail page.

Social Streams


Lifecycle Stages.

Manage your opportunities.

Use stages to track leads through your sales funnel as progress is made. Your lead's current stage can be updated automatically with an Automation or manually, giving you complete control.

Notes and reminders.

Keep track of the detail.

Make notes and set reminders for people and companies. Notes for people are also shown on the company activity page to give you a complete overview.

Notes Reminders

Lead Scores

Lead scoring.

Measure engagement out of 100.

When a lead converts on your website by completing a conversion form, we begin to score them based upon their activity. Repeated visits and multiple conversion events will increase their score, leads can be viewed by their current score to highlight high levels of engagement and qualification.

Easy in, easy out.

Import and export your contacts.

Easily import your existing leads using CSV, or vCard formats. You can also export your leads to a CSV file or even to Salesforce or MailChimp. Simply add your preferred services as integrations.

Import Export

Dropbox Emails

Dropbox emails.

Blind copy (BCC) emails to your Jumplead drop-box address and we’ll add them to your contact's activity page.


Tag to lists.

Use tags to organise your contacts and create lists to use with email campaigns.


Manage conversations.

We save your chat conversations with leads to their activity page.

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