Who are your Engaged Organisations?

Posted on 9th November 2012 By Matt Fenn - Comments

Every month there are a number of organisations that return to your website multiple times, often visiting many pages within each visit.

Clusters of visits such as these from the same organisation are lost in traditional analytics, this is because individual organisations are not used as a metric to understand traffic.

These repeat visits can often represent one or more people within an organisation doing some serious research into your company and can provide a strong indication that their purchase decision is close.

The Engaged Organisations Report

Because we found such a strong link between these activity spikes and the timing of our prospect's purchase decisions we decided to create an 'engaged organisations' report to highlight this insight.

Being in the right place at the right time by reaching out to organisations who already have a requirement, and are already considering you is a powerful benefit of the Jumplead system. It is also possible set up an alert to notify you when your engaged organisations return to your website, then use Jumplead's live chat to connect with them while they're online.

See search terms and page views

You can easily review the pages that your engaged organisations visited and the search terms they used from their company's detail page.

With this you can see exactly how engaged they are and also what they are interested in.

So even if you don't get a chance to make use of Jumplead's real time visitor identification features, this basic report can highlight highly engaged leads that represent low hanging fruit for you to follow up.

Using the Engaged Organisations report.

  1. Log in to Jumplead and select 'Engaged Organisations' from the Reports section.
  2. You'll find a list of prospect organisations listed in order of how many times they have visited within the selected month.
  3. To get more detail on individual organisations do a quick search (at the top of the page) for their name. Then select the 'Visits' tab on their company detail page.
  4. From here you can see all of their visits, including pages viewed and search terms used to find you.

We hope you enjoy this new report, we think it provides a great way to get a quick view of some really valuable information.

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