What You Need to Know About the New LinkedIn Company Page Design & Lead Generation

Posted on 24th September 2012 By Kristi Hines - Comments

Last month, we looked at how to create the perfect LinkedIn profile to generate leads. Once you have properly set up your personal / professional profile to help you generate leads for your business, you are ready to take the next step on LinkedIn and create your company page. This is the perfect time to take advantage of company pages as LinkedIn is introducing a new design to help businesses better express themselves on the top professional social network. Here are the things you need to know to help build your company’s presence on LinkedIn and increase your lead generation.

The Difference Between Professional Profiles and Company Pages

If you’re still not too familiar with LinkedIn, you may be wondering why you need a company page if you already have a strong professional profile. Here are some of the key differences.

There are lots of other differences, but these are the main ones. Now, let’s look at company pages in-depth. 

Before the Redesign 

First, let’s take a look at company pages on LinkedIn before the redesign and after. We’ll use Dell as an example.  

LinkedIn Company Page

Here you can see the LinkedIn company pages before the redesign. It’s relatively simple with small icons, an about the company blurb, status updates, and some basic details plus a link to the website. You can also see tabs for the Careers, Products & Services, and Employee Insights sections. If you haven’t upgraded your page to the new design yet (which is still rolling out to large brands first), then your company page likely looks like this.

Newly Designed Company Page Features

Now, let’s explore the newly designed company page design.

Overview Section

New LinkedIn Company Page

What’s new on the company page’s overview section? Now you will be able to add a large banner image that represents your brand. The tabs for Careers and Products & Services have now moved to the sidebar.

There are a few things in the newly designed overview page that can help with lead generation and conversions including the following.

Of course, there are a few things with the new design that may also hurt lead generation and conversions.

Products & Services

Hubspot LinkedIn Company Page

While you may have lots some of the ability to get people to click through to your website from the overview section of your page, you have gained more chances for lead generation and conversions in the Products & Services section. Particularly in the header – you can now add three large banners at the top of this section representing your products and/or services along with a link to each back to your website. HubSpot has taken advantage of this with a call to action for requesting a demo. In addition, visitors to your page will see people in their network who have recommended your products and/or services.  

Product Details

New Hubspot Linkedin Company Page

The products and services detail pages have stayed relatively the same. You can include a link to the specific product / service on your website along with additional details, a YouTube video, and people in your company who visitors can contact for more details. The latter is why you should ensure that employees have also optimized their LinkedIn professional profiles for lead generation as visitors to your page may end up on their personal profiles.


Amex LinkedIn Company Page

Last but not least is the Careers section of the company page. In the new layout, you will get a banner image that links directly to your website along with the opportunity to add a YouTube video about your business plus additional links back to your website about company culture, benefits, and more as American Express has done. Visitors will also see people in their network that work with your company and current job listings.

Lead Generation and Conversion Tips for Company Pages

If you want to get more traffic back to your website which turn into leads and conversions, be sure to follow these tips once the new design is available for company pages.

What do you think about the new LinkedIn company pages? Do you think they will help more with lead generation? Please share your thoughts in the comments!


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