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Jumplead converts your visitors into leads and then nurtures them into customers.

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Identify, convert and nurture your visitors into customers

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All-in-one software for inbound marketing automation

Identify, chat and connect.

Prospect Identification.

Visitor Identification

Identify and connect with prospects while they are active on your website; be in the right place at the right time.

Convert visitors to leads.

Conversion Forms and Pages.

Inbound landing Pages

Capture and profile your leads across web forms. Create, manage and score them automatically.

Trigger targeted marketing.

Marketing Automation.

Inbound Marketing Automations

Use lead activity to automate sales team notifications, nurture autoresponders and lifecycle stage changes.

Nurture leads with email.

Broadcasts and Autoresponders.

Email Campaigns

Nurture leads through sales funnel stages based upon their individual activity; by sales stage or custom tags.

Score and manage leads.

Contacts and Lifecycle Stages.

Contact Management CRM

Contact profiles that are kept up to date by the information gathered from web forms, and scored for engagement.

Track and improve performance.

Marketing Analytics.

Inbound Marketing Analytics

Monitor conversion rates, traffic and campaigns. Track your search results positions for important phrases.

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